docfilmpool mission 

ad 1 docfilmpool was founded in April 2020 as a networking platform for filmmakers who want to develop, produce and distribute documentary films cooperatively, collectively or co-creatively in Germany, but also worldwide.

ad 2 docfilmpool also sees itself as a media-political platform for participation in current debates. It networks with other organizations and associations and helps filmmakers to have a voice in the media-political landscape.

ad 3 docfilmpool offers its members and associates a space for exchange, think tanks and processes for the development of innovative models in the media sector via regular meetings, online platforms, and newsletters. Benefits and discounts achieved through framework agreements can also be used by its members for their own projects.

ad 4 docfilmpool organizes a trustful exchange of material and ideas, stimulates productions or participates in them.

ad 5 docfilmpool promotes documentary filmmaking as a process to produce artistic works and demands adequate working and development opportunities for its members. Conflicts shall be addressed and solved proactively.

ad 6 docfilmpool understands documentary filmmaking as a committed and value-based engagement with a complex reality. Documentary filmmakers use their artistic means to support a multi-perspective examination of political, social, historical, scientific and societal issues. They enable their audience to participate in their artistic processes.

ad 7 docfilmpool aims to use documentary films to provide new insights, open up other perspectives and thus enable an engaged examination of important topics, stories and/or people. Diversity, engagement with the Global South, climate justice and sustainability play an important role in this.

ad 8 docfilmpool is committed to creating organizational and structural conditions that allow creatives to reach their full potential and develop effective as well as stimulating relationships with their audiences. We see the implementation as one of the greatest challenges.

ad 9 docfilmpool creates a working environment for documentary formats. This includes curators, festival workers as well as other distributors. Therefore docfilmpool also participates in the development and implementation of innovative and courageous media formats and new forms of economy in the production and distribution of documentaries.